Everything started back in 2008 with me, as an active bass player, searching the best cab for a personal use. Due to couple commercial failures, whilst having a strong information resource  and back-up within our web community, I have decided to DIY it.

In spite of a fact that box was a plain 1×15″ build from a chipboard (though equipped with an A-class speaker by 18 Sound), it raised some attention among our community members. Couple requests for a custom cabinet build followed soon.

It has slowly grown-up into this…O.K. a lot of talks and some dead picture links, but it is still the most comprehensive blog of my work I have done during all that years.

Nowadays, I am proud to offer you an entire line of cabinets for bass guitar and a double bass. See more in a product section of my websites. Whether you play in an acoustic jazz venue or send the loud to the rocking crowd, there is always a Soundelirium solution for you.